Virginia Classes

Upcoming classes in Oilville, VA:

VA: Quilting Machine Rental Certification

Instructor: Network Education Team

Longarm - Hand-Guided

12 PM-3 PM, $150


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Saturday, August 19

Thursday, September 14

VA: The After the Kids are Back in School, Time for Me to
Do Something Fun, T-Shirt Quilt Class

Instructors: Carol Denson and Valerie Schlake


Thursday, September 7, 10 AM-4 PM


VA: Don't Fear the Longarm

Instructor: Vicki Welsh

Longarm - Hand-Guided

Saturday, September 30, 9:30 AM-4 PM


VA: Mach3 Skill Development Series™ - Modules I and II

Instructor:  Sue Bentley

Class Type:  Longarm - Computerized: Innova AutoPilot-Mach3

Date and Time:  Sat. & Sun., October 21 & 22, 10 AM-4 PM

$200 for 2-day class

This class also is offered On the Road.

VA: Ruling with Rulers

Instructor:  Vicki Welsh

Class Type:  Longarm - Hand-Guided

Saturday, October 28, 9:30 AM-4 PM