Virginia Classes

Upcoming classes in Oilville, VA:

The Longarm Network Quilting Machine Rental

VA: Quilting Machine Rental Certification

Instructor: Network Education Team

Longarm - Hand-Guided $150 

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Thursday, May 10  1pm-4pm

Friday, May 18  1pm-4pm


VA: Color Me Perfect

Instructor: Terry Muller 


Saturday, May 19 10pm-4pm

VA: Introduction to Longarm Embroidery 

Instructors: Valerie and Michelle


Tuesday, June 5  10am-1pm

VA: Quilting Machine Rental Refresher

(for customers previously certified)


Thursday, June 7  1pm-4pm

VA: B2E Confetti Quilting 

Instructor: Valerie Schlake 


Saturday, June 9  10am-4pm

VA: No More Tension Headaches! 

Instructor: The Longarm Network Team 


Thursday, July 12  10am-1pm

VA: Innova Machine Maintenance

Instructor: The Longarm Network Team 


Thrusday, July 12  2pm-5pm

VA: How to Run a Profitable Longarm Business...It's All About ME (You)!

Instructors: Valerie Schlake and Michelle Eno


Saturday and Sunday, August 11-12 10am-4pm

VA: Innova Navigator p2 Software and Simulator

Instructors: Capri Beckman


Thursday, August 23  10am-4pm


VA: Art & Stitch Skill Builder Series 

Instructor: Carol Best

$90 per 3 hour class or $325 for the entire series

Skill Builder 1: Friday, August 24 9am-12pm 

Skill Builder 2: Friday, August 24 2pm-5pm

Skill Builder 3: Saturday, August 25 9am-12pm

Skill Builder 4: Saturday, August 25 2pm-5pm

Skill Builder Entire Series 1-4