South Carolina Classes

Upcoming classes in Greenville, SC:

Innova Quilting Machine Rental Certification Classes

SC: Quilting Machine Rental Certification (QMR)

Instructor:  TLN Education Team

Longarm - Hand-Guided

1 - 4 PM, $150


For class description and to register, select a Class Date below:

Saturday, June 23  1pm-4pm 

Thursday, July 5  1pm-4pm Full!

Saturday, July 21  1pm-4pm

Saturday, August 4  1pm-4pm

Wednesday, August 15  1pm-4pm

SC: Introduction to Longarm Embroidery

Instructor: Valerie Schlake and/or Michelle Eno


Thursday, June 21  10am-3pm

Thursday, July 28  10am-3pm

SC: Feathers and Rulers

Instructor: Nancy McNally

$ 100

 Wednesday, June 27  10am – 5pm FULL!

SC: Confetti Quilting Class  

Instructor: Marcia Tong


Thursday, July 26  10am-4pm