The Longarm Network Classes on the Road

The Longarm Network believes continuing education is important and offers a variety of classes to meet the interests and needs of its customers. Continuing education allows students to make the most of their investment, to stretch their minds and exercise their creativity, and to create personal satisfaction in the completion of projects to the best of their abilities.

We are proud to announce On the Road Classes by The Longarm Network! We are offering classes in a variety of locations so that more members of our network can take advantage of our advanced training in local venues. Click the links below for information about our current On the Road Classes!

The Longarm Network Birds of a Feather 2018

We offer a huge selection of classes in a wide variety of categories at our annual Birds of a Feather event. Click here to check out all the details and to register!

We soon will be scheduling new winter Classes on the Road by The Longarm Network, so check back often to see where you can find us On the Road!

In the meantime, check out the classes offered in the South Carolina Showroom and the Virginia Showroom.