Computer Software

Computer Software


  1. AutoPilot_Encryption_Dongle
    Pattern Encryption Dongle

    AutoPilot Encryption Dongle View Details
  2. Grand Format Embroidery for Mach3
    Grand Format Embroidery for Mach3

    In February 2018 Innova introduced Grand Format Embroidery to the longarm quilting world. With the addition of this component the Innova AutoPilot Mach 3 system becomes a hoop free embroidery system. Grand Format Embroidery gives the quilter/embroiderer the option to run a digitized embroidery pattern file and includes the Path Apply feature which gives the quilter endless creative advantages in creating their own applique and embroidery designs. View Details
  3. Navigator P2 Software
    Navigator P2 Software (requires new Microsoft Surface Pro with i5 processor & minimum of 4 GB RAM)

    Things you have come to love, like swiping task bars in and out, double tapping to bring up menus, and pinch and zoom, are now included in Navigator P2, making it modern, up-to-date and fun to operate. The new Navigator P2 sizes correctly to properly fit the tablet’s screen and the buttons are much easier to read and touch. Plus, you can modify and pin the buttons—just like AutoPilot/Mach 3™!
    Additionally, these new features are included in Navigator P2: Undo, live update in multiply, axis locks, extra options in nudge, help screens, draw, text, active zoom, pan, add a background image, change colors, pattern pad manager, and positioning!
    IMPORTANT: Navigator P2 uses a considerable amount of computer memory and requires more processing speed than the original Navigator to operate properly. In order to upgrade from Navigator to Navigator P2, the old tablet must be replaced with a new Microsoft Surface Pro with i5 or i7 processor and a minimum of 4GB of RAM.

    View Details
  4. Mach3 Simulator
    Mach3 Simulator

    Mach3 Simulator View Details
  5. AutoPilot_Mach3_Upgrade
    AutoPilot Mach3 Software Package

    Upgrade to the latest in automated quilting technology.
    This package is for AutoPilots with the small white box. View Details
  6. Innova Tablet Bag
    Innova Tablet Bag

    Samsonite Tablet bag fits tablets up to 10.1" 11.5"x9.5"x2 View Details
  7. Innova Laptop Bag
    Innova Laptop Bag

    Samsonite laptop bag with Innova Logo fits laptops up to 15.6". 16"x12"x2" View Details