Announcing Mary Kerr’s Twisted Gallery

at Birds of a Feather 2017

We are thrilled to announce that Birds of a Feather 2017 will host a gallery of more than 20 quilts designed and pieced by Mary Kerr, American Quilt Society certified appraiser and award-winning quilter. The quilts on display at Birds 2017 were the basis for Mary’s latest book, Twisted: Modern Quilts with a Vintage Twist (Schiffer, 2016). 

Mary’s recent work is a result of her setting aside the rules and giving herself permission to experiment with a combination of her two loves: all things vintage and the modern quilt movement, as typified by modern quilters’ freedom of expression in the use of colors, designs, and quilting. She incorporated antique textiles, vintage fabric fragments, and leftover blocks into her contemporary quilting projects, and the result is a collection of beautiful “modern quilts with a vintage twist.” 

There were challenges in incorporating the vintage pieces into new artwork—imprecise piecing and color combinations not often used in today’s quilt. But Mary encourages quilters to allow themselves to step out of the rigidity of the boxes quilters can place around themselves (traditional, art, contemporary, or modern) and experiment with more than one style of quilting. 

By combining her passion for the vintage with her bent toward the modern quilt movement, Mary found ways to merge vintage and modern into harmonious new quilt designs. She completed each of the 21 quilt tops detailed in her book, and then asked 21 different quilters to complete them, usually without providing any directions. The quilters used this freedom to interpret each quilt top in their own way as they finished the quilts. 

Be sure to set aside time at Bird 2017 to view these amazing quilts. You may find that Mary’s work sparks your own creativity in a way that encourages you to merge modern and vintage in your next quilting project.